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Re: MMU Bus fault

cedric.stevens@xxxxxxx.za wrote:
> Hi Orjan
> USB Port 1 disabled.
> The interface works perfect. Thank you.
> No. Please explain why both USB Ports can not function together. Also, my
> ethenet port 0 is still fully functional.

The two USB ports *should* function together - I've run a second 
USB-to-Ethernet device, as well as a USB mass storage device on port 2, 
in addition to the built-in USB-to-Ethernet device on port 1.  So, 
there's no general problem running traffic on both ports.  (Ethernet 
port 0 is not connected via USB, so that's why it's not affected by 
disabling USB port 1.)

Without a device such as yours at hand, it will be difficult to say 
what's wrong.  Please contact Fredrik Norrman (fredrik.norrman@xxxxxxx.com) 
if this is something you want fixed.

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications