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RE: MMU Bus fault

Just a thought:
Can you check in kernel config (os/linux/.config) what value you
have on CONFIG_ETRAX_DEF_R_BUS_CONFIG? If you have 104 you can
test to change it to just 04 (by doing make menuconfig in os/linux
and change under Hardware settings. Then do make kernel && make images 
in the top directory). If you  do this I would like to know if that
makes any difference.

(There is a bug in ETRAX 100LX that may hit you when bit 8 in
BUS_CONFIG is set and you run some types of USB traffic). 


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Hi Orjan

One final question.

We are still trying to get to a singular problem definition where I know
least which module contains the problem. We've seen something work and
still trying to prove under which scenarios we have a working system.
from that we do not know whether the problem is with the axis usb driver
with the device driver.

Could you provide me with some overview so that we can understand what
problem may be.


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> cedric.stevens@xxxxxxx.za wrote:
> > Hi Orjan
> >
> > USB Port 1 disabled.
> >
> > The interface works perfect. Thank you.
> >
> > No. Please explain why both USB Ports can not function together.
> > ethenet port 0 is still fully functional.
> The two USB ports *should* function together - I've run a second
> USB-to-Ethernet device, as well as a USB mass storage device on port
> in addition to the built-in USB-to-Ethernet device on port 1.  So,
> there's no general problem running traffic on both ports.  (Ethernet
> port 0 is not connected via USB, so that's why it's not affected by
> disabling USB port 1.)
> Without a device such as yours at hand, it will be difficult to say
> what's wrong.  Please contact Fredrik Norrman
> if this is something you want fixed.
> --
> Orjan Friberg
> Axis Communications