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Re: MMU Bus fault

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 17:42, cedric.stevens@xxxxxxx.za wrote:
> Hi
> Strange enough, but I seem to have isolated the indifferent bahaviour to a
> difference between ktest and flashit. If I write the new image to the device
> using ktest the system is functional. If I write the image to the device
> using flashit, the system PANICs as soon as I wrie to /dev/ttyUSB0
> Could anyone explain or propose a fix?
> I've changed CONFIG_ETRAX_DEF_R_BUS_CONFIG from 4 to 04, as I've made the
> change before, but this does not change behaviour.

If your os/linux/arch/cris/kernel/head.S is older than revision 1.49 (I
think the standarn devboard_82 distribution uses revision 1.44) then you
need to reflash the rescue code also (flashitall) for the change to
CONFIG_ETRAX_DEF_R_BUS_CONFIG to bite when booting from flash.

If you want to avoid reflashing the bootblock parameters you can instead
modify os/linux/arch/cris/kernel/head.S to initialize R_BUS_CONFIG even
if the DRAM is already configured, see the test and jump to the label