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Reboot problem with ftp put fimage flash

I am trying to load a new image into my Axis 83 device using the ftp
command 'put fimage flash'. However, the Axis 83 reboots the existing
image after shutting down the file systems, rather than loading the new
fimage from my host.

Here is the sequence that I get:

ftp> put fimage flash
local: fimage remote: flash
200 Command okay.
150-Shutting down processes
Preparing system for upgrade ...
Entering run level 4 ...
Waiting for processes to be stopped in runlevel 4 ...
... waiting ...
... waiting ...
In run level 4.
Stopping remaining processes.
   sending TERM signal ...
All processes stopped.
The file system will be upgraded after reboot.
Shutting down file system /var ...
Shutting down file system /mnt/flash ...
File systems successfully shut down.
150 Opening data connection.

At this point, the Axis 83 reboots but does not load the new fimage from
my host, and the host's ftp client is hung.

I've tried with ftp passive both on and off and it doesn't seem to make
any difference. Is this a problem with my host's ftp client?


Wade Franklin
Software Engineer
Enernex Corporation