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RE: Configuring Boa Web Server


You can restrict access to certain directories in the boa.conf file.
The boa.conf file basically maps a directory to a set of user groups 
that are allowed to access files in the directory. 

In your current boa.conf you will see e.g:

Realm Administrator axadmin  
ProtSpace Administrator /
ProtRealm Administrator anonymous
ProtPath Administrator /axis-cgi/admin/

This says that /axis-cgi/admin/ is only accessible by users in the
axadmin group. But it also says that there is no password for the
Realm. A more complicated example looks like this:

Realm Administrator axadmin
Realm Operator axadmin
Realm Operator axoper
Realm Viewer axadmin
Realm Viewer axoper
Realm Viewer axview
ProtSpace Administrator /
ProtSpace Operator /
ProtSpace Viewer /
ProtRealm Administrator password
ProtRealm Operator password
ProtRealm Viewer password
ProtPath Viewer /axis-cgi/scripts/
ProtPath Administrator /axis-cgi/admin/
ProtPath Operator /axis-cgi/operator/

It says e.g. that users in the groups axview, axoper and axadmin has
accesss to /axis-cgi/scripts/ but only after supplying a password
Best Regards