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Re: Embedded database recommendation?

"Randy Graham" <rgraham@xxxxxxx.com> writes:

> Can anyone recommend an embedded database for use with the ETRAX?

What kind of database are you looking for?  I've been using the
Berkeley DB compatible database which can be found in the Apache
Portable Runtime (apr-util).  Besides having a small Berkeley DB
compatible database they also have a couple of nice data structures
for hash tables and such.  The database writes its files to a JFFS2
filesystem which isn't optimal but it works fairly well.

One idea I've been toying with would be to write a Berkeley DB
compatible database engine that writes directly into flash and takes
the characteristics of NOR flash into account.  That could in theory
give me a _very_ robust database that doesn't wear out the flash
unnecesarily.  Could be an interesting project for somebody.


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