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"File not found" problem

I feel a bit stupid asking this question, because I've encountered (and
fixed) it before on x86 Linux, but I don't remember what the cure was at the

I have compiled a small encrypting shell (TinyShell) to run on Axis cameras
and servers, using the latest compiler kit for the Axis-82/83 development
platform.  The binary runs fine on the Axis-83, and also on the 2411 video
server, but I can't get it to run on the 241Q.

I ftp the binary to flash memory (/mnt/flash) and it executes correctly on
the 83 and the 2411, but when I try to run it on the 241Q I get a  "-sh:
tsh: file not found"  error.  The directory path is executable, as is the
binary itself (mode 755).  I have  /mnt/flash  in my PATH, but even when I
type the full pathname of the executable I get the error.  I even tried
running it from the /tmp ramfs directory, with no luck.  I all cases I was
logged in as root.

Oddly enough, if I change the binary's permissions to 644 I get the expected
"permission denied" error message, but for 755 I consistently get "file not
found" on the 241Q.

What dumb thing am I doing wrong?

(By the way, when I try to run it on an Axis-2130 I get the same "not found"
error, rather than the expected "wrong architecture" error, because it's
compiled for 2.4 and not elinux.)

Thanks for your help!