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RE: Execlp


It should work as expected. 

What does execlp return?
What is errno?
What does perror("execlp failed"); print?
Can you send us a piece of code that fails?
What kernel version are you using?
Which compiler version?


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Anyone familiar with the execlp system call:

int execlp(file, arg0 [ , arg1,...  , argn ] (char *)0) ?

I am experiencing problems using it in the etrax environment. Compiling the code in question for my host, everything works just fine. But as soon as I compile it with cris and transfer it to a devboard, the call no longer works (everything else works perfectly)

I read something in the C-Standard stating that it very much depends on the implementation how the null-pointer is actually defined, meaning that not all bits must be necessairly 0

Additionally it can be defined as: 
#define NULL (void*) 0
or as
#define NULL (0)

Any clues on this?

cheers, Eric

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