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Re: Devboard LX release

Lars Viklund wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-06-04 at 00:30, Stefan Schober wrote:
>>good news, but ...
>>building the package runs out of the box, but flashing fails:
>>(delos) /home/stenny/Data/axis/devboard_lx$ ./flashit
>>(standard_in) 2: parse error
>>boot_linux: Invalid size to flash
> On line 24 in the flashit script, try changing the string "jffs" to
> "jffs2".
Thank you ...
Now the flash process is working again and the board starts with the new release.
With this release the yellow LED on the board is flashing, which it did not do with
former releases.
Is this a feature unknown to me, or should I consider this as an error message?