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RE: Again: SyncSerial Measure


The clock signal is available on X25 pin 2 (next to the boot mode
The frame signal is available on X4 pin 1 (connector close to the DSUB,
I think it may be unmounted). Refer to
for the location of the connectors. You'll probably have to
remove or disable D12 (the serial port transceiver) to avoid that
it interfers with the frame signal.


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Hello Again!

I must ask the question again because it is very important for me:

We want to use the SyncSerial 3-Port an loaded der Driver and activated
Port in the kernel-config.

My (simple) question is now:
Where (e.g. on which pin) can I measure the Clock and

The Extrax100LX-Chip itself has special solder-balls for this, but where
they connected on the DevboardLX?
Are they on pins of the 9pin-DSUB-Connectors?
Or on the 8pin-Connector next to the leds and network-connector?

Please help! Thank you very much!