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Ethernet problem on MCM

Hi all,

We are using Etrax 100lx MCM 8+2 in our HW design with devboard82 1.91.
We implemented a protocol over TCP/IP, that normally works fine but 
sometimes it freezes
or runs very slowly.

We created a test project that sends IP packets of 1460 bytes (without 
TCP header) to the board.
On the other side we check the result by reading /proc/net/dev. Packets 
are lost or packets with
frame errors are received  if:
- the interface is configured to 100Mbps
- the packets contain 'bad' pattern, i.e. 64 bytes 0xFF and 64 bytes 
0x00 periodically.
The rate of  lost or bad packets may vary depending on which  Etrax 
board we use and which device drives it.
As a worst case less than 50% of the packets is received correctly, but 
sometimes 98-99% is OK..
100% of the packets are received correctly with data other than the 
'bad' pattern on 100 Mbps, or with any data on 10 Mbps.

The similar behaviour can be produced if  I send files containing the 
'bad' pattern to the Etrax board via FTP.

Thanks for any help,