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RE: Devboard 82 Release

Hello Bob,

Unfortunately there is no detailed information about this in the releaseinfo.
All local files (the ones that used to exist in the files-directory) are 
installed by packages, as example the webpages are installed by
packages/web/devboard/.... The reason is that we in the future will 
distibute all packages separatly which mean that the only thing that
is provided in the release is a configure-file (which defines all packages
for the release and their versions) and a kernelconfig. All packages are
fetched by the configure-script from our web/ftp-server and updates for 
specific applications will just be a matter of changing the revision
in the configure-file.

Best Regards,

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> Hello all,
> Just downloaded and looked at the new 192 release. The 
> 'files' directory in no 
> longer there. Are there any docs on how this release has been 
> reorganised?
> Thanks
> Bob