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ETRAX 100LX MCM 4+16

Hello all,

the new MCM with more flash and RAM has been released.

A few of the changes:

o 4MB Flash
o A new transceiver
o The reset bug (see the errata) has been fixed

* It should be noted that the current revision has a minor issue
with the transceiver that causes it to drop packets when used
with very long cables. It is only measureable over a few million 
packets with cables above ~80m in length though.
We are working with the supplier to fix this in new revisions.

The 4+16 MCM is orderable in volume today.

Technical design datasheet will be published in a few days. It should
be noted to those who have preliminary versions of the datasheet that
the next publish will include info to make it possible to work with 
a future revision 2 of the chip. More details will come.

Furthermore, about pricing:

The 4+16 will cost the same as the current 2+8 with the same price

Best regards
Fredrik Norrman