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Rather odd request

Here is a question that probably hasn't been asked much, and I'm almost
embarassed to ask ...

I need to provide an HTTP connection between a user's browser and several
different Axis video servers (2130, 2411, 241Q/S, 2401, 205, and more)
which doesn't use the standard HTTP security model.

What I need to implement is an extra layer of CGI security which works in
conjunction with (or around) the usual
"username:password@xxxxxxx.  Unfortunately,
Microsoft has seen fit to delete this functionality from the MSIE browser,
which I must admit isn't a bad move given the weakness in this security
model.  Still, it breaks the only security available in the current HTTP
CGI interface.  I need to avoid the standard browser username/password
dialog box.

I would like to implement a separate Shell or PHP3 CGI script which
accepts a URL containing a security token plus the original Axis URL as an
argument string (either GET or POST).  The CGI script should then parse
this argument string and cause the Boa server to emit the page defined in
the string.

For example:
xt=1  .... etc., etc.

Somehow I'd like to have "MyCGI.cgi" pass the request to the Boa server,
which would respond back to the user's browser with the action defined in
"RealUrl=.................."   Obviously, I would also need to pass a
username and password to the Boa server to work with the existing HTTP
security model (anonymous access is not allowed).

Unfortunately the documentation is very thin regarding Boa, and I'm not
really sure how this might work given the one-to-one nature of an HTTP
connection.  I had thought of installing cURL in the camera server as an
intermediate agent, but this might prove much too large to fit.

Does anyone on this list have any idea how I might tackle this problem?
It isn't obvious to me how to pass URL constructs to the Boa server and
have it respond via the same connection as the incoming "MyCGI" request.

Many thanks, and my apologies if this is a dead-end question, or if I'm
missing something so obvious I don't see it :-)