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Re: Flash-Problem / No startup


No, this was the complete DEBUG-Output.

I didn't change anything when re-flashing the Devboard.
Also made "make clean" and then "make kernel & make images"

However I will check this.

Where can I check the RAM Configuration?
I found in the mailing-archiv that this is done by kernelconfig.
What is the correct value for a DevboardLX?

Many thanks in advance.

> >Here is the debugging-out from the serial-port:
> >0xB0000038
> >0x00001EF3
> >0xC0004000
> >0x00200018
> >Checksum of file is 0x00000000
> This is not normal. There should more SET_REGISTERs. Did you cut them?
> A failure when jumping to 0x00000000 normally indicates a RAM
> configuration error. My first shot would be to do a complete remake
> to be sure. Or download some other software that you know has worked
> before.
> /Mikael
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> Of Markus Wentker
> Sent: Tuesday, June 15, 2004 3:20 PM
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> Subject: Flash-Problem / No startup
> Hello!
> We have a problem with our DevboardLX.
> Just in work it hung up and then didnīt started up again.
> The Processor and RAM was very hot this time. Maybe the sun did the best it
> could this time....
> We tried to flash it again, but nothing worked...
> Here is the debugging-out from the serial-port:
> 0xB0000038
> 0x00001EF3
> 0xC0004000
> 0x00200018
> Checksum of file is 0x00000000
> 0xC0004000
> 0x00000000
> 0x00200000
> CFI dev 0x80000000
> No 1x CFI at 0x84000000
> No single x16 at 0x84000000
> No interleaved x16 at 0x84000000
> 0x80000000: Erasing 0x00200000 bytes...done, verifying...OK
> 0x80000000: Writing 0x00200000 bytes...verified
>  JUMP 0x00000000
> After this the board doesnīt start. Both LEDs (the yellow and orange one)
> light all the time.
> Iīm wondering about the Checksum of 0x0000000.
> Is there something broken on the board.
> Greetings
> Markus