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RE: Axis 82 Devboard with Bluez or Affix

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Add the following line in your arch/cris/config.in file,
source drivers/bluetooth/Config.in
and do a 'make menuconfig', the Bluetooth menu shall be visible and you can enable the
features you want.
Best Regards,
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Sent: den 22 juni 2004 22:48
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Subject: Axis 82 Devboard with Bluez or Affix

Hello Mailing List,
I am having a major problem with the Axis 82 Development board...
I am using the:
Cris Cross Compiler 1.56
Axis Development Software 1.92
Linux 2.4.26
I would like to compare the different open source Bluetooth Stacks currently available on the Axis 82 development board, but can not get the Bluez stack on the Axis 82 Development board...
I have compiled the bluez Libs(2.7) and Utils(2.7), but it appears that I require part of the Linux Kernel 2.4.26 to get them to work.
Because of the patch used to modify the Linux Kernel 2.4.26 when I run ./install on the devboard tools, I no longer have the option of installing the Bluez kernel drivers.
Is there anyway I can reinstall the bluez kernel drivers.
I have tried modifying the "devboard_82/os/linux/arch/cris/drivers/Makefile" and  "devboard_82/os/linux/arch/cris/drivers/Config.in" similarly to the 802_11 drivers which were included in the patch 1.92... except for the header file(in 802_11).
Yet, when I try plug in my bluetooth module (CSR) into the USB port of my AXIS 82 MCM, I get a message
usb.c USB device 5 (vend/prod 0x7b8/0xb02a) is not claimed by any active driver
After this message trying to run any commands given by most of the Bluez manuals doesn't help....
I would like to know whether I am compiling the modules distributed with LINUX 2.4.26 correctly. I have followed the Axis device drivers HOWTO (which is out of date for the 82 development board). Or if I am missing something simple that Is neccessary.
I would greatly appreciate any help
Thank you very much
Dirk de Jager
University of Cape Town
South Africa