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Re: USB Speed

Eric Chapman wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using bluetooth USB modules to interconnect several axis devices to 
> form a bluetooth backbone network. However the speed is not quite what 
> it should be compared to real PCs interconnecting. If I try a simple 
> connection between 2 devices, the speed is already 30% lower as soon as 
> one of the 2 devices is an Axis devboard.
> Anybody  got any ideas where this could be coming from? Or is the USB 
> implementation on these boards generally slower that the ones 
> encountered in regular PCs?

With a couple of device-specific tweaks to our host driver I easily got around 
700kB/s (on ftp transfers).  Maybe something similar could be done for a 
bluetooth device (assuming you don't use the second Ethernet interface).

In addition to this, it might be possible to increase the speed by scheduling 
the bulk transfers we get from the bluetooth driver back-to-back, rather than 
one at a time like we do it now.

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications