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building the boot loader

I downloaded and built the software for the devboard_lx version 2.2.0
kernel 2.4.26 "successfully" but I am unable to download an image to flash.

When I get done the process ie.
make tools
make kernel
make install
make images

flashitall -S 8
NOTE I have an 8M flash on my board.

I have used this script to successfully flash hundreds of boards with
devboard_lx version 2.1.0 software

etrax100boot thinks that the boot loader image is corrupted

Here are the results.

(See attached file: rslts.zip)

I am attempting to build the software using cris-1.56 on a redhat 9
platform with the gcc version 3.2.2 compiler. (version 3.2.2-5) for Red Hat

Is there something that I am missing??

Please also note that the flashitall and flashit  scripts are incorrect.
on Line 25
PSIZE_JFFS = ...... if ( $4 == jffs ) .....
should be
PSIZE_JFFS = ...... if ($4 == jffs2) ....
This matches the ptablespec

Thanks in advance.

Mark Schapira

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