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Re: Detecting Ethernet link and setting TCP timeout

Dne ponedeljek 28 junij 2004 09:34 je Lars Viklund napisal(a):
> > to set the TCP timeout?
> You cannot.

Yes, you can. You can change TCP parameters by playing with kernel parameters 
which can be found at /proc/sys/net/ipv4/* and also available over the 
sysctl(2) interface. For more info try man 7 tcp.
The most relevant are:

But beware, playing with this kind of settings is more dangerous than playing 
with fire ;) Changing default parametres may resulted in inability to talk to 
any body over the TCP... First of all - before doing any vooduu of kernel 
parametres tweeking - get a good book about TCP networking (Comer is very 
nice) and read how TCP works and more importantly why it works the way it 
dose .

		Regards Simon