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PCB and Schematic help

We are considering using the ETRAX 100LX Multi Chip Module in a product.

We are wondering if there exists a library file for the ETRAX 100LX
Multi Chip Module in Orcad and a PCB footprint for Protel.

If not does anyone have a TXT file that shows pin name in one column and
pin function in a second column or something we could manipulate in a
spreadsheet. This would allow less time consuming time in making a
library part and footprint. Also less chance of an error. Xilinx does
this and we have found a way to speed up making library files from these
text files. It also means less chance of an error.

Also I would like to have your experiences with this module and support
from the company. Feel fee to contact me off line.'

If you have a small OEM board that has some general purpose I/O etc.
that you are selling please advise us of this as well.

Regards Norman Gillaspie

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