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large flash ram and devboard_lx version 2.2.0

Our device which is based on the ETRAX LX 100 chip contains 8MB of onboard
flash memory and a daughter card containing 32 MB of flash emory.
In the past using devboard_lx rev 2.1.0, I have set up the partition table
to accomodate this as follows:
flash2 0x5F0000 rw jffs flash2.img
flash3 0x2000000 rw jffs flash3.img

I also created /dev/flash4 and /dev/cflash4 in the devices and  set the
boot device to /dev/mtdblock4 (rather than /dev/mtdblock3) per Axis's

With devboard_lx version 2.2 there have been some changes made.

The ptablespec is generated when make images is performed. The Makefile
must be edited to set up the partitions.

I tried to edit the Makefile to generate 660000 MB partition for
/dev/flash2 and got the following error
padflashimage 0x190000 flash1.img
********* PROBLEM: image this far exceeds alignment offset - it is too
********* 24256 bytes too much

How do I go about setting up my 2 flash devices.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Schapira