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Curious flash messages


I have some courious messages on a custom board with Etrax 100LX
MCM2+8 (using CRIS 1.56 and modified Devboard82 SDK R1_92):

1) I'm using external flash type AMD AM29LV640MT (4x16MBit), but kernel 
debug on serial port says, it is a AM29BDS643D.

2) If writing big files to the external flash (e.g some MBytes random 
bytes), there sometimes are MANY (sometimes more than 3000) kernel debug 
lines like
"cse1: waiting for chip to read, state = 7" or
"cse1: waiting for chip to read, state = 4".

3) If debug port is activated, linux often crashes (because of this many 
kernel debug outputs). If kernel debug is disabled, everything basically 
works fine (with the exception of the debug lines described above in 

What's wrong or is this a normal behaviour?


Bernhard Roessmann
Don't Fear The Penguins!