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RE: adding boot option hda=ide-scsi to boot of etrax 100LX IDE

Currently the only way to do it is to set it in the kernelconfiguration
(requires that you have a recent kernel).

cd os/linux
make menuconfig
General Setup
Add your option to "Kernel command line"
Save and exit
cd ../..
make kernel && make images

In the future it would be nice to have the possibility to add command
line options during boot-up as well.

I have not tested hda= options but as far as I can see they should work.


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Subject: adding boot option hda=ide-scsi to boot of etrax 100LX IDE

Hi All,

Is there a way for me to enable the boot option hda=ide-scsi on the
etrax 100LX IDE?  I'm looking to enable generic scsi support on the
device for /dev/hda.

Has anyone done this before?  If so, are there any online resouces that
I can use to ensure that it is enabled and functioning correctly?  I've
done some searching, but turned up nothing on adding the ide-scsi option
to the boot options for the etrax devices.

Thanks in advance,