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Serial port config - kernel

After experimenting with some frustration with an AXIS 82 board, I have some
questions that I'm rather stuck with:

1. It seems the two serial ports brought out on the two DB-9 connectors are
ttyS0 and ttyS2.  ttyS1 according to stty is "no such device".  I looked at
xconfig for the kernel, and sure enough ttyS1 was not enabled.

If I enable ttyS1 and disable ttyS2 and ttyS3, will ttyS1 appear on the
second DB9 connector?  If not, is there a way in the kernel configuration to
make it so?

2. What is the meaning of the following settings for the serial port setup
in the kernel:


I know the meaning of DTR, RI, DSR, and CD, but what is PA and PB?  Are
these settings for the DB9 connector?  I am trying to use a Dallas
Semiconductor DS-9097U RS-232 to 1-wire adapter on one of the two AXIS 82
serial ports.  The DS-9097U requires DTR and RTS only.  Software controls
DTR.  The others can be left alone.

3. The ports have a DMA IN and DMA OUT enable/disable.  All I need is a very
standard RS-232 port.  I am using a simple Dallas 1-wire DS-9092 RS-232 to
1-wire adapter.  It works fine on a PC, but not on the AXIS 82.  I have a
feeling that the setup of the port might be an issue.

Should the DMA IN and DMA OUT be disabled?

Mark Richards