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RE: Serial port config - kernel


>If I enable ttyS1 and disable ttyS2 and ttyS3, will ttyS1 appear on the
>second DB9 connector?  


>If not, is there a way in the kernel configuration to
>make it so?


>I know the meaning of DTR, RI, DSR, and CD, but what is PA and PB?  Are
>these settings for the DB9 connecto

PA and PB are two 8-bit ports on ETRAX. The default settings supplied
in the Axis 82 kernelconfig should be ok.

>Should the DMA IN and DMA OUT be disabled?

In all normal cases you should have DMA enabled.

>I am using a simple Dallas 1-wire DS-9092 RS-232 to
>1-wire adapter.  It works fine on a PC, but not on the AXIS 82. 

Doesn't work at all? Try connect only RX, TX and GND and see if it

Best Regards