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RE: Strange query on Axis devboard

Another interesting exercise is to run cat /proc/meminfo
on your own PC. Even if you have 1GB of RAM you will see that
MemFree is rather low while Buffers and Cached are high.
If the kernel wouldn't do this caching your system would be
very slow because a disk is very slow compared to RAM.

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The linux kernel considers free memory as a waste of resources. So when 
you write a file to the flash the kernel decides to keep a copy in
in case someone needs it again soon (RAM is much faster than flash). 
But if the kernel gets low on memory it will of course throw out your 
data from RAM and fetch it from flash instead when necessary.

In /proc/meminfo you can see how much the kernel has cached in this
way in the row that says Cached: .


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Subject: Strange query on Axis devboard


I am using axis devboard82.

I have written an application that creates files and stores at

and when I look at /proc/meminfo it show that free memory available is
reduced !

When I delete those files It again increases the free available memory 

I did not understand y this kind of behavior is there 

i am a newbe

so tell me if i am doing something wrong or using meminfo not correctly

Thanx in advance