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Re: /dev/sda

"Mark Richards" <mark.richards@xxxxxxx.com> writes:

> I put the following in
> ./devboard_82/target/cris-axis-linux-gnu/dev/romfs_meta.txt (between rtc and
> eeprom):
> Device: rtc c 121 0
> Device: sda b 8 0
> Device: sda1 b 8 1
> Device: sda2 b 8 2
> Device: sda3 b 8 3
> Device: eeprom c 122 0
> Then I . ./init_env and make images and then transferred the images to the
> Axis 82.

If romfs_meta.txt behaves as cramfs_meta.txt, adding a line in the
file is not enough; you also have to create a placeholder file for the
device node in the dev directory.  So do:

    cd dev
    touch sda sda1 sda2 sda3

and create a new image.  


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