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Dropbear sshd, adding users

Hello list,

I have been compiling for the axis for a while now. I have some useful
programs including picocom and dcron that run successfully on the box. I
haven't pressed the issue of getting an ssh server running on the box
until I started using picocom. Exiting from picocom requires C-a C-q. I
am not sure, but I don't believe telnet has the ability to send this
keypress. However, I know that being logged in using SSH can send C-a C-q.

Dropbear was suggested to me, but dropbear is much more complex than
anything I've compiled. It comes with an install-sh that I would/will
have to spend lots of time trying to understand. The Makefile.in is also
very complicated to me. Has anyone compiled an sshd for the one of the
Axis devices? I would be very interested in seeing your Makefile and how
you did it.

Secondly, if I do manage to get an ssh server runnning, how do you add
more users to the axis box. Ideally, I would have a directory for the
user when they log in that will contain data files and allow them to run
programs for collecting more data, etc. I've searched around the box
pretty extensively, and I have a feeling busybox is where these settings
will be found. Any hints?