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RE: Executable strip cris-strip

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> Subject: Re: Executable strip cris-strip
> > get an executable that is 22K. Both of the files seem to run fine on
> > my Axis box. What is the disadvantage of stripping the executable?
> When striping youre removing debug informatoin from the file. 

It could mean removing any symbols from the object file, not just
debug info. The tools/build/scripts/install_elinux script we normally
use to install binaries uses the --strip-unneeded option.

> It's 
> common to do this in embedded systems since they're mostly short of 
> diskstorage. The dissadvantage is usually that your application get 
> much harder to debug (if necessary).

Not necessarily. Debugging is normally done using a cross debugger 
running on the host system and a debug agent (gdbserver) running on
the target system. If you just make sure to load the original (not
stripped) binary into the debugger on the host it has full access 
to all debug info even though the executable on the target system 
is stripped.

Lars Viklund
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