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Re: 'which' command segmentation fault

On Thu, 22 Jul 2004 Nathan.Smith@xxxxxxx.gov wrote:

> It turns out when I log into the box using ssh (dropbear), the which
> command fails. But if I login normally as with telnet, which executes
> correctly. I guess then my question is, what is the difference?

Where does that 'which' come from? Script? Busybox?

  # find / | grep which

Can you tie it to a busybox version (in case it's a busybox 'which')?
Could you please examine your PATH variable in the 2 cases
(dropbear/telnet login) too? Does it look healthy?

Could you please post the results to this list?

> And thanks to the person who provided me with the makefile for dropbear,
> it worked great :)

Glad it was useful :)