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RE: usb-irda and etrax usb driver or how quicky we oops

> From: Simon Posnjak [mailto:simon.posnjak@xxxxxxx.net] 
> Sent: den 20 juli 2004 22:16
> I turned on the USE_DEBUG_RH and USE_DEBUG_BULK in the 
> usb-host.c. The output 
> (+ resolved oopses) is attached. Can anybody explain what is 
> going on - ie. 
> what is the problem? Thank you!

That gave no new clue to what is happening, too bad.

> The script used for generating the output which you can see 
> in usb-log.txt is:
> 	        cd /lib/modules/2.4.26sp1/kernel/drivers/net
>                 insmod slhc.o
>                 insmod ppp_generic.o
>                 insmod ppp_synctty.o
>                 insmod ppp_async.o
>                 insmod ppp_deflate.o
>                 cd /lib/modules/2.4.26sp1/kernel/net/irda
>                 insmod irda.o
>                 cd /lib/modules/2.4.26sp1/kernel/drivers/net/irda
>                 insmod irda-usb.o
>                 ifconfig -a
>                 cat /proc/ksyms
>                 lsmod
>                 echo "  ***     IRATTACH        ***" > /dev/ttyS0
>                 irattach irda0 -s

Have you tried not building the irda and irda-usb drivers as modules?
If not, can you please do that and see if the behaviour changes?