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kflash & ktest problems

I have a couple of Axis-83 devices. I am attempting to use kflash to load a
image. I can't make it work. details:

1 dev board ip set to I can boot it, see linux startup, run
etc. I can ping it from several places, run it's webserver from other places.

2 Am running Linux 2.4.26, Fedora, under VMware. Can ping devboard from

3. Base is WIN2K on laptop. Can ping devboard from there.

4. When run kflash, am in "axis/devboard_82". I press boot button, then reset,
release reset, then release boot. devboard does not speak on com1 (assume
thats correct). then run "./kflash" from prompt. (already run ."/init_env" at

5. Here is result:
Using internal boot loader: INTERNAL_NW - Network boot (default)
Starting boot...
We're doing a flash write, this may take a few minutes..

6. At this point VMware goes silent. devboard eth0 light never flashes. I've
waited as long as 45 minutes.

7. If I hit Ctrl-c on VMware Linux, recover to prompt. If I reset devboard, it
from old flash, seemingly undisturbed.

Any ideas???

Frank Brown
Phoenix Consulting
for Emerson Climate Technology