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Re: Re: kflash & ktest problems

Thanks for the help. I had it set to NAT, but the problem isn't that simple.

I have a small network, with a d-link router/802.11 wireless link. Under the
NAT the VMware will link, but it can't run the boot_linux properly. I
the 802.11 wireless card (I work on a laptop) and plugged into the router by
the ethernet link. Changed to bridged, and it works. Won't work with 802.11
if bridged, won't work ethernet if NAT.


Frank Brown

At 08:44 PM 7/28/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>Which type of networking do you use for the VMware virtual machine
>(bridged, NATed, ...)?
>Is the virtual machine configured to allow the guest operating system to
>put the network interface in promiscuous mode? (I have no idea how this
>work with Windows as the host operating system, with Linux as the host
>operating system you need to run the virtual machine as root).