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RE: Configuring

1. Make certain you run . ./init_vars, then change to the directory where
you put your o/s sources and run make xconfig (if you're running x) or you
can edit .config.  I had not read about "not to use a simple editor" and
have done it many times with no problem.  When done, back in the home
directory "make kernel" does the job.

There's a special section for the AXIS hardware in the config file covering
the various ports, etc.

2. All I know about this is in /etc/inittab, comment out the
"sh:3:respawn:/bin/sh" line which will shut off shell access through ttyS0.
There may be another undocumented secret somewhere?

Mark Richards

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> I don't want to wear out my welcome, but I have two more questions.
> 1. What technique should I use to alter kernelconfig. I know
> there is some approach, but I can't find it in the
> documentation. It advises not to use a simple editor.
> 2. I need to configure the Axis-83 so it does NOT use either
> of the serial ports for the boot process, in any way. Is it
> possible to redirect the console BEFORE boot?? Maybe to
> ttyS1, which physically is still inside the case?? I know
> it's a strange question.
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