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flashing via serial port

i know this question has been asked on the list a few times before, but 
i never found a complete answer -
how do you put the axis 82 boxes in serial boot mode?

i tried just using the command

etrax100boot --setreg b0000000 000095f8 --setreg b0000004 00000004 
--setreg b000000c 00e03636 --setreg b0000008 8000c002 --pause 20000 
--setreg b0000008 8000c602 --setreg b0000008 8000c002 --setreg +0 7 
--label label1 --setreg b0000008 8000c402 --setreg b0000008 8000c002 
--loop +0 label1 --setreg b0000008 8060c202 --setreg b0000008 8000c002 
--setreg b0000008 80008002 --setreg b0000030 00001df0 --setreg b0000038 
00001ef3 --serial --baudrate 9600

which doesnt seem to do much....