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Compile directly on target?

I'm asking my Etrax 82 to do a lot lately and apologize to the list if I am
asking too many questions.  However, perhaps my enthusiasm (and newness)
will be inspiring and maybe helpful to others who want to use this platform.

I have installed a flash memory card reader on the Etrax 82 (and have docs
for doing so if anyone needs them).  This was done to enable the following:

I'd like to install the cris compiler on the etrax itself.  This will
permit, I presume, compilation and linking without having to perform any
special hacks or workarounds or makefile adjustments.  In fact, I may be
wrong but am assuming that a cross-compiler might not be needed at all.
Maybe I must just install gcc and binutils and go.

Has anyone done this?  Any suggestions?

Mark Richards