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Re: setting BS1 and BS2 pins

i can send you the error message later today - i will have to change 
flash.c again to add another cflash device for the extra partition - i 
had given up on ftp flash. off the top of my head, the message had to do 
with failed checksum.

anyway, i think what happens is that read_image is called before 
read_image_partition_table, and read_image uses partition->flash_len 
(loaded from the partition table on flash) to read the image over the 
network, hence it will not read the right number of bytes into each 
partition, and it will miss reading the newly added partition.


Jonas Holmberg wrote:

>On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 12:11:44PM -0400, Akshay Adhikari wrote:
>>it does not work. i think the problem is, that in apps/flash.c, the code 
>>loads the new image according to the _old_ partition table read from 
>But in main.c compare_partition_tables() only gets called if (target 
>== TARGET_FLASH), so if (target == TARGET_FLASH_ALL) it still writes 
>both partition regardless.
>I'll try to reproduce the error. Can you send me the output from your 
>FTP client, the serial debug port and /var/log/messages?