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Re: setting BS1 and BS2 pins

yes, anyway, for now there is an easier fix - i just log into the box, 
wget the kernel partition flash1.img from somewhere, and then 
ersaseflash and then cp flash1.img /dev/cflash1. as long as the new 
partitions are not mounted, we are fine..


Jonas Holmberg wrote:

>On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 08:27:45AM -0400, Akshay Adhikari wrote:
>>i can send you the error message later today - i will have to change 
>>flash.c again to add another cflash device for the extra partition - i 
>>had given up on ftp flash. off the top of my head, the message had to do 
>>with failed checksum.
>>anyway, i think what happens is that read_image is called before 
>>read_image_partition_table, and read_image uses partition->flash_len 
>>(loaded from the partition table on flash) to read the image over the 
>>network, hence it will not read the right number of bytes into each 
>>partition, and it will miss reading the newly added partition.
>Ahh, you _added_ a partition. I don't think adding and removing 
>partitions has been done when upgrading via FTP before, only resizing 
>them. You'll probably have to get your hands dirty then. Patches are 
>welcome if you succeed :-)
>Depending on what you intend to use the added partition for, it might 
>be easier to not include it in the image. If you, for example, just 
>need it to store some data files you could just mount an empty 
>partition and start writing to it.
>As far as I know it's not easy to put ETRAX in boot mode from 
>software. I don't know if it ever has been done. If possible at all, I 
>think you have to jump into the boot ROM.