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RE: RE: How to stop kernel dump to serial ports

Interestingly enough, that one won't work. What I had to do is activate port 1
(which only
terminates inside the Axis-83 box) then point everything to it:


You could also do this by running MAKE MENUCONFIG in /os/linux. Be sure to
port 1's parts in the config, and last but not least, do both

make kernel


make install


make images

The symbolic link is picked up in the apps build, not the kernel. dev/console
will be assigned
to the same ttySx as the debug port. After doing this, the only way you can
to the operator
level of linux on the Axis-83 is through telnet, but that works fine.

Much of the Axis code uses the fact that a def exists, not what its value is.
for instance, the
pertinent line in the source would look like


without reference to its defined value.

Thanks for the help, though. (I work with Ozzie)

At 12:43 PM 8/4/2004 -0400, you wrote: 
> Hey,
> Recompile the kernel with
> Change the symbolic link of /dev/console =>/dev/ttyS0   to point to
> else.
> You can also comment out the following line from /etc/inittab
> #sh:3:respawn/bin/sh
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