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Re: jumping to bootstrap code

This has been discussed before, and I think Mikael Starvik gave
a good summary. Search the dev-etrax archive.

I think you have to go to kernel mode, then stop all DMA and interrupts,
turn off all I/O units (including Ethernet), invalidate the cache and turn
off the MMU. Then you have to jump to the correct position in the internal
boot ROM.

It is doable in principle, but it is probably difficult to get everything

Per Zander

On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, Akshay Adhikari wrote:

> hello,
> is is possible to jump via software to the code that puts an axis box in
> network boot mode? has anyone tried doing this?
> if not, does anyone have any ideas about how to do it? i presume it
> involves switching back to real mode and then doing a jump? any pointers
> on how to do this would be greatly appreciated .
> thx
> akshay