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RE: Flashing user files

Title: RE: Flashing user files

Nathan, thanks for the tips. I have indeed created a new directory and a makefile to copy into the correct /mnt/flash directory. I see my "hello.txt" in the target/cris*/mnt/flash directory now. I run the "make images" and "./kflash". I see the programming taking place, however, I don't see that file on Axis. I must be missing something simple. Have any other suggestions?

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Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2004 1:28 PM
To: Gurkan, Ozzie [ERS/ATL]
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Subject: Re: Flashing user files

Hey, umm, can I have a job, or an internship? ;) jk

Seriously though, I think you should have put your file in target/cris*/mnt/flash/etc. After that, you do make images, then ./kflash. Did you forget to do 'make images'? Also, be sure you don't do make install or make files, because that may remove any changes you've made to target/cris*/ . (I'm not sure about this, you can read 'make help' for more info.)

I think the information you found about the 'files' directory may not be used anymore, it doesn't exist in /devboard_82/. So what I've done is created ~/apps/Settings where I put all of my user files and a Makefile that copies them to the correct locations. It also modifies anything else like adding /dev/* devices.

Anyway, I've been successful at doing this. Good luck.
# Nate

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Date: Thursday, August 5, 2004 11:52 am
Subject: Flashing user files

> I don't know how to flash user files into Axis. I have copied
> "hello.txt"into target/cris*/mnt/flash and it never made it over. I
> have read the instructions for creating a "files" directory, but
> couldn't find a "LOCALS"in the Makefile. Has anyone had success with
> copying just regular files? I am using the "kflash" script and it
> doesn't seem to overwrite the
> flash2 at
> all. It looks like the /mnt/flash stays the way it is.
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