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Re: Flashing user files

On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 01:56:50PM -0400, Gurkan, Ozzie [ERS/ATL] wrote:
> Nathan, thanks for the tips. I have indeed created a new directory and a
> makefile to copy into the correct /mnt/flash directory. I see my "hello.txt"
> in the target/cris*/mnt/flash directory now. I run the "make images" and
> "./kflash". I see the programming taking place, however, I don't see that
> file on Axis. I must be missing something simple. Have any other
> suggestions? 

kflash only writes the kernel partition (kflash means kernel-flash, or 
something like that) and the contents of /mnt/flash is in the 
jffs-partition.  Use "boot_linux -f" instead, it will write both 
partitions to flash.

The three most useful boot-commands are:

boot_linux -f : write kernel- and jffs-partitions to flash and boot
	from flash

boot_linux -F : write rescue-, kernel- and jffs-partitions, erasing
	serial number and hwid as well, and boot from flash

boot_linux -i kimage : load entire kernel partition (kernel + root
	partition) to RAM and boot from it. It doesn't write anything 
	at all to flash (which makes it fast). It's a quick way to 
	test new stuff if you don't need anything new from the 
	jffs-partition (/mnt/flash and /etc), everything is lost upon 
	reboot though

See also "boot_linux -h" for help.