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RE: kernel configuration

Title: RE: kernel configuration

Why don't you try "make menuconfig"?

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Subject: kernel configuration


I have your Axis Device Server 83. Ive installed it and i can access it via serial cable or Internet, but now i have the following problem.  I want to setup my kernel so i can use a usb bluetooth device, but when i


make xconfig

i get the following error and the gui window does not popup at all.

Error in startup script: can't read "CONFIG_ETRAX_EXTERN_PB6CLK_FREQ":
no such variable
       while executing
      (file "script/kconfig.tk" line 18326)
 make: *** [xconfig] Error 1

Can you maybe tell me what the problem is or what i can do to fix it pls.
Im using Suse 9 with a 2.4.21 kernel.


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