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Re: flashing from ftp

On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 09:05:59AM -0400, Gurkan, Ozzie [ERS/ATL] wrote:
> If your original binary was in the /mnt/flash directory, then you can easily
> ftp, stop, replace, and start again. However, if it was in the romfs, then,
> unless there is a way to put the board in boot mode, you cannot flash the
> romfs to change your executable. Does anyone else know of a solution?

Normal upgrade via FTP:

ftp> put fimage flash

When using devboard_82 (at least) the jffs-partition is upgraded after 
reboot. This way you can backup data from the old jffs partition to 
RAM and restore it to the new jffs-partition. (See 

Repartitioning upgrade via FTP:

ftp> put fimage flash_all

If you need to change the partition sizes during upgrade there's no 
way to backup and restore data.

/Jonas (Risking getting more comments about our lacking documentation)