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Re: Compiling libgphoto and gphoto2-2.1.4

Nathan.Smith@xxxxxxx.gov wrote:
> I'm pretty sure ./configure --host=cris is fine, because in config.sub
> they have this:
>         cris | cris-* | etrax*)
>                 basic_machine=cris-axis

Actually, it does matter; --host=cris-axis-linux-gnu is needed to pick 
up the correct compiler.  With just --host=cris you'll pick up the 
cris-axis-elf-gcc compiler.  (I downloaded libgphoto2-2.1.4, and 
./configure --host=cris-axis-linux-gnu works fine.)

Another thing (in reply to your original e-mail): you probably don't 
want to do a 'make install' without either modifying the resulting 
makefile or providing an alternate install directory when invoking 

Orjan Friberg
Axis Communications