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Fw: using jffs2 on platform deboard_lx 2.1.0

I have not seen this message on dev-etraxs so I am resending it.

Mark Schapira
----- Forwarded by Mark Schapira/DEN/NA/ITG on 08/09/2004 04:11 PM -----
             TG                                                         To 
             08/06/2004 08:52                                           cc 
                                       using jffs2 on platform deboard_lx  

Our platform is currently based on the devboard_lx 2.1.0 platform which
uses kernel 2.4.19 and the cris 1.25 compiler. We have a client who would
like us to implement jffs2. on this platform. The kernel 2.4.19 supports a
version of jffs2. However the top level Makefile in the ../devboard_lx
directory is set up for jffs. Would it be possible to support jffs2 using a
2.1.0 platform?

Thanks in advance.

Mark Schapira