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RE: ServerManager.srv

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your info.

> I doubt this will work very well, if at all (not to mention
> any security implications). If all you want to do is to be
> able to access files in /var, why don't you create a link
> from /usr/html/local/ to /var? /usr/html/local should be
> a link to /etc/httpd/html/ which is writeable.

Do you mean adding "Alias /var/ /tovar/" in boa.conf, and then put "...
xxx/tovar/filename.extension" in whatever file stored in /etc/httpd/html/?
This works perfectly well in assessing files in /var/.

However, what I aim to achieve (maybe too ambitious) is to integrate other
image sources (dynamically stored in RAM) into axis streamed image
mechanism, so that the webpage shows multiple images. Looks like this can
only be done by introducing more changes in boa.conf, but this could cause
ServerManager.srv to fail.

I would highly appreciate if you could give me more guidances on this.

Thanks and best regards,