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RE: ServerManager.srv

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> From: P.Y.Ang@xxxxxxx.uk">mailto:P.Y.Ang@xxxxxxx.uk] 
> Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 01:17
> To: Peter Kjellerstedt
> Cc: dev-etrax
> Subject: RE: ServerManager.srv
> Hi Peter,
> Thanks for your info.
> > I doubt this will work very well, if at all (not to mention
> > any security implications). If all you want to do is to be
> > able to access files in /var, why don't you create a link
> > from /usr/html/local/ to /var? /usr/html/local should be
> > a link to /etc/httpd/html/ which is writeable.
> Do you mean adding "Alias /var/ /tovar/" in boa.conf, and 
> then put "...xxx/tovar/filename.extension" in whatever file
> stored in /etc/httpd/html/?
> This works perfectly well in assessing files in /var/.

Well actually, what I was refering to was creating a link in 
the filesystem using ln, i.e., 'ln -sfn /var /usr/html/local/var'.

> However, what I aim to achieve (maybe too ambitious) is to 
> integrate other image sources (dynamically stored in RAM) 
> into axis streamed image mechanism, so that the webpage 
> shows multiple images. Looks like this can only be done by 
> introducing more changes in boa.conf, but this could cause
> ServerManager.srv to fail.
> I would highly appreciate if you could give me more guidances on this.
> Thanks and best regards,
> Pin