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Re: Fw: using jffs2 on platform deboard_lx 2.1.0

On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 04:12:47PM -0600, mschapira@xxxxxxx.com wrote:
> Our platform is currently based on the devboard_lx 2.1.0 platform which
> uses kernel 2.4.19 and the cris 1.25 compiler. We have a client who would
> like us to implement jffs2. on this platform. The kernel 2.4.19 supports a
> version of jffs2. However the top level Makefile in the ../devboard_lx
> directory is set up for jffs. Would it be possible to support jffs2 using a
> 2.1.0 platform?

Yes, I think that the easiest way is to use devboard_82 1.92 with a 
kernelconfig from devboard_lx and a modified partition table. jffs2 
needs more flash than jffs to function properly. It needs at least 8 
eraseblocks, so you need to make the kernel+cramfs partition smaller.