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Busybox mods - awk

Thanks for the assistance with the information command.  I discovered why I
was not seeing the output I expected.

I have yet another question - this one concerns BusyBox.

I have a script I wish to run that needs awk.  I see that busybox (current
version) has awk as part of its toolkit.  Yet I do not see awk in the
busybox build for the Etrax.  Is it "safe" to get the latest busybox build
and replace the one for the axis (with mods to the makefile)?

I also notes that although the instructions allow for changing what's
included in the busybox build, when I follow them, they don't work.

The instructions for including applets say:

	Next, add an entry to applets.h.  Be *sure* to keep the list in
	order, or else it will break the binary-search lookup algorithm in
	and the Gods of BusyBox smite you. Yea, verily:

		/* all programs above here are alphabetically "less than"
'mu' */
		#ifdef BB_MU
			APPLET("mu", mu_main, _BB_DIR_USR_BIN, mu_usage)
		/* all programs below here are alphabetically "greater than"
'mu' */

	Finally, add a define for your applet to Config.h:

		#define BB_MU

I did this for the command "free" (BB_FREE).  BusyBox then recompiled.  I
reinstalled it and free did not show up.

It looks as if these instructions at
axis/devboard_82/apps/busybox/docs/new-applet-HOWTO.txt are wrong.

Is there another way to add an applet into busybox?

Maybe it makes sense to build awk seperately?

Mark Richards